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You are reading Web3Signer development version documentation and some displayed features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to stable version using the version box at screen bottom.

Using the Web3Signer configuration file

Use a YAML configuration file to specify command line options in a file.

Save the configuration file and reuse it across node startups. Use the --config-file option to specify the configuration file location.

To override an option specified in the configuration file, either specify the same option on the command line or as an environment variable. For options specified in more than one place, the order of precedence is command line, environment variable, configuration file.

YAML specification

The configuration file must be a valid YAML file composed of key/value pairs. Each key is the same as the corresponding command line option name without the leading dashes (--). For subcommand options, prefix the key with the name of the subcommand. For example,<NETWORK>


Subcommands cannot be specified in the configuration file, you can only specify a subcommand’s associated options. The signing key subcommand must be specified on the command line.

Values must conform to YAML specifications for string, numbers, arrays, and booleans. Specific differences between the command line and the YAML file format are:

  • Comma-separated lists on the command line are string arrays in the YAML file.
  • Enclose file paths, hexadecimal numbers, URLs, and <host:port> values in quotes.


The command line reference includes configuration file examples for each option.

Sample YAML configuration file

# Chain
chain-id: 2017

# Path
data-path: "~/web3signerdata" # Path

# Signing key locations
key-files-path: "/Users/me/keys"

# Filecoin network "TESTNET"

Starting Web3Signer with a configuration file

web3signer --config-file=/home/me/me_node/config.yaml filecoin
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