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You are reading Web3Signer development version documentation and some displayed features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to stable version using the version box at screen bottom.

Use signing keys

Web3Signer supports BLS12-381 or secp256k1 signing keys stored in:

You can configure access to the signing key by:


Bulk-loading is only available when using the Ethereum 2.0 platform with keys stored in Azure Key Vault, and can be used in combination with key configuration files.

Using key configuration files

For each signing key, configure a separate key configuration file that defines the parameters to access the key. The configuration files must be YAML-formatted, and can use any naming format, but must have the .yaml extension.

Place the key configuration files in a single directory which you specify when starting Web3Signer.

Use the --key-store-path option to specify the location of the key configuration files.


web3signer --key-store-path=/Users/me/keyFiles/ eth2

Bulk loading Ethereum 2.0 keys

You can bulk load Ethereum 2.0 keys that are stored in Azure Key Vault. To do this use the Web3Signer eth2 subcommand options.


web3signer eth2 --azure-vault-enabled=true --azure-client-id=87efaa5b-4029-4b54-98bb2e2e8a11 \
--azure-client-secret=0DgK4V_YA99RPk7.f_1op0-em_a46wSe.Z \
--azure-tenant-id=34255fb0-379b-4a1a-bd47-d211ab86df81 \
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